B1.  Braised Beef Fillets with Chili SauceSpicySpicy 17.00
B2.  Braised Beef Fillets with Brown Sauce 17.00
B3.  Beef with Spicy Green PepperSpicySpicy 17.00
B4.  Shredded Beef with Dry Bean Curd 17.00
B5.  Orange BeefSpicy 17.00
B6.  Sesame Beef 17.00
B7.  Beef with Black Pepper Sauce 17.00
B8.  Beef with Garlic SauceSpicy 16.00
B9.  Beef with Your Choice of Vegetable
Broccoli, snow peas, string beans, bean sprout, tofu
B10.  Pepper Steak with Onion 16.00
B11.  Moo Shu Beef
with 4 pancakes
B12.  Hunan BeefSpicy 16.00
B13.  Shredded Beef Szechuan StyleSpicy 16.00